Our Waste Is Our Treasure: Finding Value in Waste

As waste continues to be a growing concern worldwide, many individuals feel helpless and unsure of how to tackle the issue. At NASAQU, we understand this struggle as we have embarked on a similar journey ourselves. Our mission is to create something new from the raw materials that already exist and turn waste into a valuable resource.

As founders of NASAQU, we have undergone a transformative process that has led us to incorporate waste into our value chain. We began by examining our own consumption habits and waste generated at home. This process led us to develop a deeper appreciation for the environment and its interconnectedness with everything around us. We realized that nature is a holy and complete entity that requires the protection and care of all its inhabitants.

Our search for a solution to the waste problem led us to discover an untapped resource in the field of textile ready-made clothing: unused high-quality fabrics that have undergone necessary physical and chemical tests but remain unused for various reasons. These fabrics remain in warehouses in excellent condition, yet are often overlooked by consumers and industry insiders alike.

We saw an opportunity to bring these unused fabrics to life by integrating them into timeless designs that coexist with nature. Our mission at NASAQU is to create a world where waste is transformed into something of value, and where we can take steps to protect the environment beyond our own consumption habits.

In this sense, NASAQU is our way of expressing ourselves and our perception of nature, in harmony and integrity. We believe that by making valuable use of waste, we can create a more sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

As we progressed through the production process, we realized that making conscious choices in selecting raw materials was just the beginning. We identified that the cutting and sewing stages of clothing production were generating significant waste. Despite some businesses accepting this as an unavoidable and acceptable aspect of the trade, we chose to be accountable for our actions. To combat this waste, we made it our responsibility to include the leftover cutting materials in the production of recycled fabrics. We committed to regular follow-ups on any waste that our production creates and deliver it to recycling companies. We extend our gratitude to all our collaborators who support us in our recycling efforts.

Our designs entail intricate handicrafts, as does the production process itself. Our production teams are skilled artisans who minimize waste and have considerable experience in cutting fabrics. By working with such professionals, we ensure that the amount of waste generated remains as low as possible. To continue minimizing waste, our manufacturing companies take extra care not to create defective products. As a result, we are pleased to note that only 3.38% of our production outputs are allocated to second-quality products as we strive to remain below the industry standard of 5%.

We are proud to be advocates for ecological responsibility and sustainability. Join us on our mission as we strive to co-exist with nature and make a positive impact on the planet. 

We are NASAQU, and we are natives of the earth.

April 09, 2023 — NASAQU TEAM