We are NASAQU - We are the NATIVES of the EARTH

Fashion has a significant effect on the issues our earth and communities dealing with. Climate crises, deforestation,  climate change, water, and air pollution, loss of biodiversity. Every single one of us, the natives of the Earth, human-animal-plant, we have one mother earth and each one of us could help saving her. 

NASAQU is a sustainability-driven brand, sleek and cool with ethical roots in raw material and production practices. It is created by a team that designs and makes ethical garments to positively impact Mother Earth.

NASAQU wants a better world for all,  a greener world where there is no discrimination, no slave labor, no child labor, where habitats of animals are not endangered, and the health of consumers is not harmed by ill-made fabrics. 

NASAQU means KISS in Sumerian. It reflects our love and passion for the Planet Earth and every single being cohabiting on it. We are the natives of our planet, and the actions of each one of us impact our well-being. In a divided world by fear, discrimination, and roots, we want to remind all that we are one regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, language or economic status, or any other characteristics

Sumerians are the earliest known ancient civilization founded in the Mesopotamia region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Sumerians are known for their innovations in architecture, literature, governance, farming, brewing, and many other things that are important for the development of human civilization.

 We all follow their footsteps!