We are the Natives of The Earth

NASAQU Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Version: 1.0

Effective from: October 2022

Owner: Founders of NASAQU

Contact:  info@nasaqu.com


Human trafficking and modern slavery are crimes that affect marginalized populations. We are committed to ensuring our business, business partners and associated supply chains are free from all forms of slavery and human trafficking.

This policy sets out our position and how we ensure our statement above.

This policy is owned and managed by the founders and is expected to be compiled in full.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery refers to situations that exploit people who cannot leave because they are threatened, violated, or abused.

The risk of modern slavery exists in various forms in almost every country in the world – such as (that may include but is not limited) forced Labour/child labour, bonded Labour /debt bondage, domestic servitude and so on). 

What Is Human Trafficking?

It is smuggling of persons who are vulnerable. Persons may be women, children or men or all for the purpose of labour, sexual exploitation, or activities in which others benefit financially. It is a form of modern-day slavery  which is a big crime and illegal. 


 As the research shows that a high percentage of forced labour cases are found in the private sector. 

We are committed to having a strict standing against modern slavery and human trafficking in our business partners and associated supply chains as we have a Zero Tolerance policy.

  • Any form of slavery and human trafficking are strictly prohibited, no matter what. You are required to sign this policy prior to any form of business relationship with NASAQU.
  • You are required to contact the responsible local authorities and the police force with immediate effect in case of a verified crime of any form of slavery.

    Do not involve any form of relationship with any other businesses and/or organizations that have a bad reputation for poor treatment of their people.

What Are The Consequences?

A possible case of forced labour is required to be communicated with NASAQU with immediate effect, 

  • We-as NASAQU- take immediate action for further investigation, and inform responsible local authorities and police force where necessary. 
  • If the case is verified and confirmed, and if no corrective action is taken, or remediation measures are not provided this could result in the termination of all business relationships with involved business partners or supply chains.

 Therefore you are required to share this policy with your workforce and confirm full compliance. You are also required to inform all of the associated supply chains in relation to you including subcontractors and subsidiaries about  NASAQU Modern Slavery and Human  Trafficking Policy.

This policy also has the aim to contribute to the following  UN’s Sustainable Development Goal, every effort counts!


For further information on your responsibilities under this policy, please contact info@nasaqu.com