We want to inspire our tribe with low-impact, high-comfort designs that we are in love with. Therefore, we source high-quality unutilized, and GRS-certified fabrics and accessories. 

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, annual textile waste is estimated to equal 25 billion pounds. We go for Recycled cotton which is viewed as environmentally low impact cotton compared to virgin cotton. Also known as regenerated or reclaimed cotton, this fabric contains recycled raw material as well as reconditioned components. Our recycled cotton is GRS certified and recycled from pre-consumer waste, including scraps created by yarn and fabric by-products). This means it has no dying, processing, or farming.

Approximately $120 billion worth of unused fabric sits in warehouses around the globe for various reasons such as buy to minimum order quantity but not used, ordered incorrectly, left from big production lots, or even maybe the color was not liked by a designer or a buyer, etc that makes millions of meters of fabrics.

So the term  “Unutilized Fabric “ is used with a broadened meaning which does not necessarily refer to anything ‘wrong’ with fabric, but more to not-used fabric for one of the above reasons.

We pick our fabric sources very carefully that are responsible and reputable manufacturers who really can not make use of their unused fabrics with their current customers. By sourcing these fabrics, we

  • Save the water that would be consumed to produce the fabric again
  • Save the energy that would be consumed to produce the fabric again
  • Avoid generating waste that would occur during fabric production stages if we produced again
  • Save the time and effort that would be put in by the labor to produce the fabric again.
  • As a result, divert those unused fabrics from landfills by making use of them and giving life with love.

Our woven labels and hang-tags are made of GRS-certified recycled materials along with our OEKO TEX-certified other accessories. 

We source all raw materials and conduct our production in a close environment in Istanbul- Turkey to reduce shipping carbon footprint. Every single sourcing spot and production facility is audited by the NASAQU team,  to inspect what is behind the certifications. 


Our hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper tied with biodegradable natural hemp cords. Protective inner polybags are made from 100% GRS-certified recycled poly bags.We use water-repellent TYVEK bags in outer packaging which you can later re-use as a backpack and messenger bag.

 We know by heart that NASAQU tribe is committed to recycling and circularity.