We are the Natives of The Earth

NASAQU Policy of Ethics for Supply Chain and Business Partners

Version: 1.0

Effective from: October 2022

Owner: Founders of NASAQU

Contact:  info@nasaqu.com


NASAQU is a sustainability-driven brand, sleek and cool with ethical roots in raw material and production practices. It is created by a team that designs and makes ethical garments to positively impact Mother Earth.

We are committed to supporting our business partners and supply chains to maintain fair, safe conditions and sustainable production of our goods and the sourcing routes. 

This policy sets out our position and how we ensure our statement above.

This policy is owned and managed by the founders and is expected to be compiled in full.

What is Code of Ethics?

It is a set of principles created to support a business to manage its decision-making procedures and define the rules in terms of doing the right thing. These principles frame the mission and values of an organization, and how the professionals within the organization are expected to approach and act against problems in a formalized and standardized way.


This policy outlines our base requirements from business partners and associated supply chains in the following key areas,

  • Act with high standards of integrity, governance, and business practice. You are required to sign the NASAQU Policy of Ethics prior to any form of business relationship.

  • WorkForce
        • Do not employ underage workers, which is outlined by the legislation of the country of employment (Genuine apprenticeship are allowed under the rule that necessary legislations are followed) ; 
        • Be strict against forced or illegal immigrant labor (including modern slavery and human trafficking)- Please kindly follow NASAQU’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy further on this subject matter.
        • Provide reasonable working conditions on health and safety, hygiene, and environmental practices that meet NASAQU’s policies.
        • Be strict to meet the Minimum Living Wage that is outlined in the legislation of the country of employment (exceeding the minimum living wage is always welcomed)
        • Adopt and track the working hour regulations that are outlined by the legislation of the country of employment
        • Promote diversity in your workplace
        • Comply with NASAQU’s policies on
          • Modern slavery and human trafficking Policy
          • DEI Policy
          • Health and Safety Policy
  • Compliance
      • Comply with the regulations and legislations that are outlined in the country of employment. 
      • Show transparent partnership in your relation with NASAQU
      • Do not accept any form of corruption 
      • Do not accept any kind of gifts or favors (that may include but is not limited to money, commission, reward, services, extravagant meals, private purchases, etc)

    and In the same way, do not ask for or accept any personal advantage from other parties.

    • Be open and we welcome diverse partnerships that are either service providers or suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, and so on. NASAQU supports its business partners, and supply chains to do business which offers equal business opportunities to all.
    • Comply with NASAQU’s’ standards and procedures in relation to
      • Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy
      • Onboarding Process
      • Animal Welfare Policy
      • Environmental Policy

  • Confidentiality of NASAQU’s Intellectual Property
      • NASAQU’s business partners accept to protect NASAQU’s confidential information automatically by signing this policy. (that may include- but is not limited to trade secrets, buying methodology, offers, financial relationships, business and trend analyses, design aspects and strategies, sensitive personal data, growth plans, and so on.)

    What Are the Consequences?

    Detection of any form of deliberate violation of the NASAQU Policy of Ethics may result in the termination of all business relationships with you.

    Therefore you are required to share this policy with your workforce and confirm full compliance. You are also required to inform all of the associated supply chains in relation to you including subcontractors and subsidiaries about the NASAQU Policy of Ethics.

    This policy also has the aim to contribute to the following  UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, every effort counts!



    For further information on your responsibilities under this policy, please contact info@nasaqu.com