skater girl and a boy wearing oversize tee and dress

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We are the NASAQU Tribe, the Native of Nature and using natural resources with respect to nature.

We want to bring together individuals who make a difference while consuming and make our voices heard more strongly in the world. Do you want to be one of us?


Discover Us,

You will see that you are not alone. Because you and we are connected to the Nature by heart. We both make choices in a way so we have the least impact on our life footprints in Nature. We have been following this path that we were born with this motto and that we believed in with our choices since the first day. Join us and be free with your choices.

You will feel liberated with our designs, because each of them is in direct communication with the nature. Containing clues from nature, ready to surprise you in unexpected moments.

While we point to the ever-increasing drought, the disappearing ecosystem, and natural disasters in the world with our colors, we are also rebelling. We want everyone to hear and see us. Stop! Let's say all together.

What we wear make us whole with our essence, and with our embroideries we emphasize that it is possible for the people of the world (to be global) without losing our locality. Like yourself!!


Keep Exploring,

We surprise you with functional approaches hidden in the details, just as we are surprised at how Nature try to renew itself every time against challanges. We try to ensure the renewal of nature with the products we design from recycled cotton fabrics. Instead of continuing to unconsciously consume the benefits of nature, we want to add meaning to our brand and make a difference in your life by transforming the existing garments.

While the design team is experiencing new excitement every day to give new life to high-quality unutilized fabrics, we want to continue to excite you and make a difference in the final design.


You Will Make More Difference As You Discover,

NASAQU wants a better world for all,  a greener world where there is no discrimination, no slave labor, no child labor, where habitats of animals are not endangered, and the health of consumers is not harmed by ill-made fabrics. 

NASAQU means KISS in Sumerian. It reflects our love and passion for the Planet Earth and every single being cohabiting on it. We are the natives of our planet, and the actions of each one of us impact our well-being. In a divided world by fear, discrimination, and roots, we want to remind all that we are one regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, language or economic status, or any other characteristics.

February 08, 2023 — NASAQU TEAM