A Letter from The Founders,


We established NASAQU in 2021, a start-up with great enthusiasm, love, and dedication.

Our dream was and still is to create a timeless brand that would be the most intimate thing to touch your skin and makes you feel comfortable, and cozy, gives you the feeling that you could achieve all, have your voice heard, distinguish yourself with your choices in life and have a strong standing against inequalities wherever and however happens.

As our dream was big and we wanted to make our goal come through slowly but surely by doing the right things. We faced many difficulties on the way through and realized that doing the right thing was not as easy as it appeared.  In some cases, we may not have done the right things as we wished. But those difficulties taught us the fact that we could overcome them together with our business partners and associated supply chains, by being one team.

This learning led us to establish our policies so we could take our business partners and associated supply chains on this journey with us by setting a clear vision and the values of NASAQU to them with  the company policies. The company policies aim to provide clear guidelines to all of our partners on how NASAQU operates.

We strongly believe that it is very important for you (either you work with us or you are a candidate to start working with us) to understand the purpose of the policies and the expectations we have for you in terms of operating procedures and practices. Therefore, we appreciate that you and your teams take the time to read and understand its contents. 

As time passes we may update our policies since the world changes rapidly, and we focus on adapting changes in our way and integrating them into our business. This is why our policies are version controlled. Occasionally we will make updates to reflect necessary changes in processes. We will make sure that any updates will be shared with your business. Please be kindly informed that it will apply from the date stated. 

We look forward to achieving our dreams together with you, 


NASAQU Founders


NASAQU Code of Ethics & Policies:

NASAQU Environmental Policy

NASAQU Policy of Responsibly Sourced Low Impact Material Use

NASAQU Policy of Ethics for Supply Chain and Business Partners

NASAQU Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policy

NASAQU Animal Welfare Policy

NASAQU Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

NASAQU Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy 

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