With its birth, NASAQU carries sustainability in its DNA. By following the developing technologies and approaches related to sustainability, it works to use better environmentally friendly raw materials and production processes day by day. In other words, as a sustainable brand, we are growing and developing sustainably and thus trying to spread environmental awareness.

Our Present State:

Reduced Carbon Footprint: To reduce the carbon footprint created during transportation and transmission, we carry out all our raw material supply, design processes, production, and warehouse operations in the close vicinity of Istanbul-Turkey.

Recycled Resource Use:  Since recycled raw materials are more sustainable than virgin resources;

  • We use recycled cotton. Our recycled cotton fabrics are GRS certified and 38% of our production in 2022 is from recycled cotton.
  • Our brand, washing instruction, and size labels, hang-tags, and accessories are made from OEKO TEX-certified and GRS-certified recycled materials.
  • We recycle our fabric waste and scraps generated during cutting and strictly follow our responsibility towards nature from end to end. Our production waste turns into new beautiful fabrics.

Ethical Sourcing and Production: To have sustainable production processes;

  • Our textile-experienced team inspects each supply point and production facility to examine what is behind the certificates.
  • The production facilities we work with are small and local businesses that fully comply with labor rights and social requirements.
  • These facilities are businesses that aim to make a difference in a sustainable world and are open to change and learning.
  • We make transparent pricing to make our relations with these businesses honest, fair, and sustainable.

Reduced Water Usage:

  • In our designs, we do not perform processes that require additional water use.
  • We stay away from raw materials that use water resources intensively and use mainly Recycled Cotton and High Quality Unutilized Fabrics made for others. Thus, water consumption in both agricultural and factory stages is out of the question for NASAQU products. In 2022, 38% of our designs are made with Recycled and 56% of the High Quality Unutilized Fabrics.

Avoiding Chemicals:

  • We stay away from all applications that require chemical treatment on our designs.
  • Decorative printing processes that contain chemicals are never included in our designs, instead, we use embroideries that reflect our love of nature using special techniques.
  • We use accessories that have a minimal environmental impact and do not use dyes and chemicals in our products.
  • Our hang-tags are produced from recycled paper and kept in its raw color.

Low-Impact Packaging:

  • NASAQU styles are delivered with 100% GRS-certified protective inner polybags.
  • NASAQU styles are delivered to our consumers in outer packaging, made of recyclable TYVEK fabric, and those can be re-used for a long time for other purposes, such as bags.
  • All hang-tags, brand, size and wash labels on the styles are GRS certified and produced with recycled raw materials.
Inclusiveness: NASAQU is founded by female founders who want to make a positive impact in the world, create a brand for everyone, whoever and wherever they are, and want to move forward together.


Our Promises for 2025:

NASAQU was born by being aware of the impact of each action we take. The steps we are working on with enthusiasm:

  • We will increase our use of certified recycled fabric to 65%.
  • We will continue to raise awareness about the harm caused by the use of virgin cotton in soils and water resources.
  • We will encourage our current producers to use renewable electricity. The use of renewable energy will continue to be an essential reason for preference in our selection of new manufacturers and suppliers.
  • We will continue to follow the technological developments in the field of sustainable production and retail and will strive to adapt them to our processes.
  • We will dedicate more time, energy, and funds to serve our local communities by partnering  with locally-minded initiatives (that include but are not limited to NGOs, and individuals who have a diverse range of knowledge and expertise.) We are happy that we have joined KEDV Equality Envoys this year. We support the efforts of women to improve their lives for a strong society where poverty and inequalities do not exist. (KEDV (Kadin Emeğini Degerlendirme Vakfı) supports grassroots women's leadership throughout Turkey and empowers them in improving the quality of their lives and of their communities. KEDV is an affiliate member of Oxfam.)


Our Promises for 2030

NASAQU emerged as a brand that strives for a sustainable world. We grow and mature with the promises we make to nature. Sustainability has a constantly evolving roadmap with the contribution of ever-developing technology. We insist on achieving our sustainability goals by following and adapting developments in a sustainability roadmap.

In 2030:

  • We will make 100% recycled and environmentally friendly choices in our raw materials and production processes.
  • We will gradually reduce non-renewable energy use in our businesses, business partners, and supply chains by switching to 100% renewable energy use by 2030. We are committed to achieving the below plan by 2030; 

    •  All our primary supply chains (called Tier 1 in textile/ apparel world) will switch to renewable electricity by 2027 either purchasing certified renewable electricity (Renewable Energy Certificate-IREC) or electricity generated from solar panels in its own facility.
    • All Tier 2 factories used by our Tier 1 supply chains - will switch to renewable electricity by 2030 either from certified renewable electricity (IREC) or electricity generated from solar panels in their own facility.
  • We will eliminate coal-fired energy use from the operations of our business partners and supply chains by 2030. As a business, we are coal free brand in our own operations, therefore we will make sure that our business partners and supply chains comply with the same. We are happy to discuss possible solutions where coal-fired energy use is detected. There is always a way to protect the planet. Hence, we will work with our business partners and supply chains to agree on a sustainable roadmap to remove the use of coal from their businesses.
  • We will continue to generate our income from 100% circular products and solutions, and to recycle waste generated at our facilities.
  • We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint, protect natural resources and commit to betterment of the habitats and lives of animals.
  • We will continue to be a proudly inclusive brand.
  • We will continue to put gender empowerment at the heart of our agenda.


Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact on the planet and create a more livable world for future generations, and we approach this with great enthusiasm and dedication.

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