Our fashion choices significantly impact our planet. Therefore, we prioritize environmental, social, and ethical responsibilities and values in every step of our designs, sourcing, and production practices. We are comfortable with being uncomfortable. We never rest and insist on our sustainability goals. 

Inspired and In Love: Our brand name NASAQU reflects our affection and passion for what we do. We design and make what we are in love with. We want to be connected with a purpose greater than ourselves. 

Together for the Greater Good: We have just started our journey with great ambition in sustainability. We have a road map that we want to accomplish one by one: there is no such thing as 100% sustainability. What is a sustainable option today is not enough tomorrow, there is constant change and improvement. Together with our consumers, we strive for the greater good every day. 

Inclusive at Heart: NASAQU is an inclusive brand for all regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, who would like to make a positive impact in the world through their purchases. We are a tribe, we are one, we are all equal, we are the Natives of the Planet Earth. 

Integrity in Sourcing and Production Practices: We are a team of female textile expert who has years of experience and network in raw material sourcing and production. We know the reality behind certifications and conducted many audits of production zones in their TRUE compliance with sustainable production, worker rights, and social requirements. Therefore, we only work with raw material suppliers and producers who excel in their processes and truly work towards a sustainable world.

First Mother Earth Then Profit: We want to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. In buying fabrics, to eliminate mining-farming, processing, and dying, we go for high-quality unutilized and recycled fabrics. Our choices of accessories also include recycled materials. Greed and maximizing profitability is not our priority, protecting our planet as much as we can is!

Paws&Claws and Tails Included: Animals are the Natives of the Planet Earth as well. We believe that sustainability can not exist without Animal Rights are secured. Therefore, we do not use materials that are animal-made and or farmed-mined in places where animal habitats on land and water are harmed. Our team is committed to the betterment of the stray city animals’ lives, volunteering in feeding and finding loving homes.

We support these two amazing animal rescue organizations that make real difference, and help the stray and abondoned animals.

 black cat logo hidden under a pocket as a symbol of sustainable vegan cruelty free brand