We are a team of female textile expert who has years of experience in the business. We know how hard to be recognized as women and how much dedication and resilience are needed to survive in this world.

We have to accept the fact that gender bias is still deeply embedded in cultures, economies, and institutions globally which is not acceptable because it prevents women from playing a great part in society and decision-making at all levels. Therefore, we put gender empowerment at the heart of our agenda since day 1. We feel that it is basically the right thing to do. Because, gender empowerment is a crucial foundation for better economic, political, or social systems, sustainable peace, and sustainable development in the world.

We are committed to working towards reducing religion or culture to be used as an excuse for the discrimination of women. In that aspect, we believe that Kadin Emeğini Degerlendirme Vakfi (KEDV) makes difference with its projects in the region where our products are produced.

KEDV supports grassroots women's leadership throughout Turkey and empowers them in improving the quality of their lives and of their communities. Therefore, we decided to support Kadin Emeğini Degerlendirme Vakfi (KEDV) which is an affiliate member of Oxfam. By donating monthly, we have joined KEDV Equality Envoys, we support the efforts of women to improve their lives for a strong society where poverty and inequalities do not exist.

You may find more information about Oxfam and KEDV on the links below.