NASAQU Animal Welfare Policy

Version: 1.0

Effective from: October 2022

Owner: Founders of NASAQU



Paws & Claws and Tails Included

We believe that sustainability can not exist without Animal Rights being secured. Animals are the Natives of the Planet Earth as well. We are committed that we do not use materials that are animal-made and or farmed-mined in places where animal habitats on land and water are harmed.

This policy sets out our position and how we ensure our statement above.

This policy is owned and managed by the founders and expected to be compiled in full.

What is Animal WellFare?

Animal welfare refers to the emotional and physical wellbeing of each animal. The Five Freedoms are considered as the bases of the animal welfare;

Freedom from hunger and thirst, Freedom to express their natural behaviors. Freedom from Discomfort, pain, injury or disease, Freedom from Fear and distress,

Good feeding, good housing, good health and positive emotional state of animals are key  to supporting animal welfare.


  • It is strictly prohibited to use materials of animal origin in NASAQU products. (that may include- but is not limited to wool, leather, angora wool, cashmere, skins , real fur in our products.)

No matter what.

  • It is strictly prohibited to use materials made from horn and bones which are animal origin.
  • You are held responsible to consider both environmental impact and animal welfare when you offer materials to NASAQU design & development teams.

  • You are held responsible that welfare of animals are considered when do the material choices for NASAQU,therefore you are present required testings upon request by NASAQU.

  • If you consider using animal down on developments and/or productions of NASAQU,  you are required to action certain lab tests  which are applicable for all down products , the list of tests can be obtained from NASAQU Technical teams when necessary.
  • You are also required to have Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Scope Certification in order to use down in NASAQU products. 

    Transaction Certificate is also required  for down buying after you received bulk order from NASAQU.

    This policy also has the aim to contribute to the following  UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, every effort counts!




    For further information on your responsibilities under this policy, please contact